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Vital Statistics - The Gay Men's Sex Survey

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Other reports

Available to order or download here are our other research reports that use data from the Gay Men's Sex Survey. They are additional to the main GMSS reports that come out every year.

Title PDF Order
Wasted opportunities: problematic alcohol and drug use among gay men and bisexual men
Sigma Research, 2009 (ISBN 1 872956 97 1)
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Sexually charged: the views of gay and bisexual men on criminal prosecutions for sexual HIV transmission
Sigma Research, 2009 (ISBN 1 872956 96 3)
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Form and focus: evaluation of CHAPS national interventions, 2003 to 2006
Sigma Research, 2007 (ISBN 1 872956 87 4)
Download PDF
PEP talk: awareness of, and access to post-exposure prophylaxis among gay and bisexual men in the UK
Sigma Research, 2006 (ISBN 1 872956 84 X)
Download PDF
Doctoring gay men: exploring the contribution of General Practice
Sigma Research, 2004 (ISBN 1 872956 75 0)
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Successful measures: evaluation of CHAPS national HIV prevention campaigns targeted at gay men, 2001 to 2003
Sigma Research, 2003 (ISBN 1 872956 69 6)
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Net benefits: gay men’s use of the internet and other settings where HIV prevention occurs
Sigma Research, 2003 (ISBN 1 872956 68 8)
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Putting it about: health promotion for gay men with higher numbers of sexual partners
Sigma Research, 2002 (ISBN 1 872956 58 0)
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Advertising awareness: evaluation of CHAPS national HIV prevention adverts and leaflets targeted at gay men, 1996 to 2000
Sigma Research, 2001 (ISBN 1 872956 60 2)
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A class apart: the social stratification of HIV infection among homosexually active men
Sigma Research, 1999 (ISBN 1 872956 44 0)
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Relative safety: risk and unprotected anal intercourse among gay men diagnosed with HIV
Sigma Research, 1999 (ISBN 1 872956 43 2)
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Managing unprotected anal intercourse: the perspective of gay men who have not tested HIV-positive
Reprinted by Sigma Research, 2000 (ISBN 1 872956 54 8)
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The boys in the backroom: an investigation of London’s public sex venues
Sigma Research, 1998 (ISBN: 1 872956 39 4)